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Change process organization

You will need and organization that can handle the decision making in the change process and take care of all the tasks involved in organizing and leading the process.

The purpose of this organization is to make sure the change process will become a success. It is normal that organizations that try to create change processes fail because they expect the everyday organizations to take care of this on top of their normal responsibilities. This is not a good idea because they have to prioritize the everyday tasks which are important and urgent. Change processes are normally not urgent, so the change process will not have the level of attention and support it needs.

In a change process where you have a formal organization as your client you should make sure, you know who in management team you have as a contact in case you need help and support. It has to be a person who has the formal right to close down the change process.

You only need a contact person and a right to contact this person in case it is necessary.

The change process is a journey of exploration and part of this is that the management team that is going to run the formal organization after the process is not known when you start the process.

It is a good idea to have a meeting with the present management team and get their support for the necessity of a change process. It is very rare that they can agree on a specific solution before the change process. It is also a negotiation of the preferred future for them and a struggle for the positions in the future organization.

What you need is a guiding coalition for your change process. A guiding coalition is a group of people who together represents

  • Position power – you need enough people who has real influence in the organization or community formally and informally
  • Expertise – you need many different kinds of expertise in relation to the areas that are needed in order to find informed solutions to the challenges
  • Credibility – you need a group of people who is taken serious by the people in the organization or community
  • Leadership – you need a group of people who are proven leaders, who are believed to be able to drive a change process forward

If you are not dealing with a formal organization or even with a non-existing organization under construction, you need the same. But you might have to find other ways to attract these people to your change process. One of them is to create an advisory board that can help you when you need help.

In the process you will need to have a day-to-day leader and a chairperson that can take urgent decisions fast if it becomes necessary.

The day-to-day leader needs a breakout group who can help with building the design of the change process and the practical things in the beginning. Normally the breakout group will be expanded into a design team and a practical team. Both of these teams can grow into quite a large crew when you launch the change process.

And the crew will dissolve after the process is over.

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